Hey fellas, we will talk about new and updated pixel gun 3d 11.0.0 update and its mystery things which is surprise for us in this update. So lets get started one by one detailed below.

The Mystery Clock

the mystery clock

So the first mystery thing now we are seeing in the game is the mystery clock tower. The clock tower of the home screen on the game is actually more visible now and its clearly showing the time in the clock of 3:00 clock. The time in this clock is actually the mystery which we might don’t know about and Rilisoft is going to give a hint about something related to this time in the future.

Multimedia Change

Most of you guys actually didn’t noticed that now you can actually change the classic pixel gun 3d music by yourself by going to the multimedia section of the game and change the music into the classic mode. You just need to click on the left setting logo and just click on the multimedia menu to do the same.

Pixel Gun 3D Pistol

Have you noticed something different about pixel gun 3d pistol? I don’t think so, yes the appereance of the basic pixel gun 3d pistol has been changed to the new texture with more vibrant colors and now we can feel the smoothness of the pistol skin by just looking at it.

Grading Feature for the Weapons

Pixel Gun 3D Weapon Grades

Most of us face the difficulties while choosing the right weapon for us in the game. But in this 11.0.0 update, Rilisoft has made a good upgrade in the armory section by adding all new Grading feature for us in order to choose the best weapon for our self-according to the situation of the plan and the battlefield.


Achievements are the most important features added by the Rilisoft in the game by this 11.0.0 update. Because now you can continuously play the game even if you complete the 30 or 31st level, you can now set your objectives by unlocking lots of achievements in the game.


If you go ahead and play in the ghost town and look around in the each and every house in that level, you will see some mystery posters hanged over the wall in each and every house with the reward tag under the every poster like some of them have 5000 and some of them have 1000 and even sometimes I saw around 20 gems reward under one poster.

So these was some of the top 6 mystery things you may didn’t know in this 11.0.0 update. Hope you liked this post and please do share this post and comment below if you want me to share more cool stuffs on pixel gun 3d game, also I will be sharing the new pixel gun 3d hack from this update from pixel gun 3d and will be posting soon some new tricks and guides for you guys. Also you can request any new game to be reviewed to us in the comment box.