Going Through with a TPLO Surgery

Now you are in a bit of a pickle. Your dog got hurt fairly badly and you are being told by a vet that you need to get surgery. And you have read about the TPLO surgery online and you are not too happy with what you are reading. Not only is this a very expensive surgery, but it is one that does not have a good track record. The statistics show that there are far too many cases where you are ending up with a dog that is still suffering a few years after the surgery. Now that is not what you wanted to hear. But we have a solution. We want to talk with you about the dog knee brace that we believe you should be taking very seriously. We believe that you are going to want to look at these TPLO surgery alternatives and you are going to want to figure out the best one for your circumstances. One of the alternatives that we want to talk about today is using a brace. Now you may be confused at this suggestion, but we want you to know that it is an option that we think will work very well. The reality is that your dog needs help in that area. You cannot let your pet just walk around on that knee without any protection, and expect the situation to get better. In fact, it will get a lot worse. That is why you want an authentic brace that you can use for these CCL or ACL injuries. The braces are not too expensive, and if you combine it with some proper physical therapy and treatment, your dog will be feeling better soon enough. Always talk with your vet, but we think this will be the best solution if you have a dog with this serious injury. We always want to find alternatives to expensive surgeries. But this is not about the price. If the surgery had a 90 percent success rate, we would say pay what it costs and ensure your dog is treated properly afterward. But the success rate is a lot lower, even if you do all the things in the right way. And that is why we believe that dog owners around the country deserve to know about some of the other options that are available. The brace is one of those options, but there are a few others you can learn about too!